Thinness of Semen

Thin semen is also known as watery semen.

Most men worry a lot about whether the semen is thin or thick. Interestingly, there is no research to back the idea that the thickness or thinness of semen has something to do with fertility or anything. The standard mean ejaculate volume for testing is 3.7ml, and it’s considered normal even if it’s below 1.5ml. It means that even a teaspoon of semen is normal in most cases.It is important to understand that you may notice a substance coming out of your penis when you’re sexually excited – it’s right at the tip of your penis. This is not semen – it’s pre-ejaculate (or precum) produced by the Cowper’s gland. The fluid provides lubrication during sexual intercourse. Many people take it as watery semen, but it doesn’t always contain sperm.

Thinness of Semen Treatment

There are two common causes of thin semen: low sperm count and fructose deficiency. Thinness of semen depend on either a man’s age or his current level of sexual activity. But this not causes any effect on any person’s overall health.

The most common cause of thin semen is a fructose deficiency. Nearly half of all ejaculate is made up of fructose, a sugar. Fructose enters the ejaculate through the seminal vesicle. A diet low in sugar and/or carbohydrates contributes to the condition. It is quickly remedied by increasing carbohydrate/sugar consumption.

Daily masturbation or sex reduces the amount of semen available during each ejaculation. Though a man’s sperm count is lower in this case, it is in no way related to male infertility.

If testicles are being exposed to high temperatures, it will make your sperm thinny. Temperature of testicles may be rise due to tight clothing